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My name is Nazara, I am a Minneapolis based Child & Family Photographer. When I’m not taking photographs, I’m either at the park with my kids ( Pearl and Levi), taking a mom vacation (grocery shopping without my kids) or practicing my swing dancing moves anywhere there is live music. As a mother of two, I understand how full your days are. It can be challenging enough to drink your coffee while its still hot, let alone put down the laundry and pick up your camera- I can help! 

I love capturing life at its best. Give me your flying toddlers, piggy back rides, snuggles and even tantrums-they're all moments to cherish. I do my best to capture those little details about your family that might go unnoticed by others: The way your child’s fingernails are always painted a different color, your little ones favorite lovie or the last wispy baby curl in your almost three year olds head. Sure, I appreciate a posed group photo of everyone smiling as much as the next parent ( and I always make sure to include those in your gallery), but I also know that it’s those in-between moments that tell the real story of your family.

Please take a moment and check out my galleries to see if my style will fit your family’s personality.